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Black is more than a COLOR. Black is more than a CONCEPT. Black is a VIBE. And ONCE YOU BUY BLACK, you don’t go back. A one-of-a-kind live stream video podcast show will feature black businesses from around the world is now available at your fingertips. OnceYouBuyBlack is the intersection of culture and commerce, where business and the black community collide. We collaborate with innovative companies and creatives alike to bring state of the art products and services that elevate the black experience. Do you have a company that needs to be featured? Are you always looking for more black businesses to support? All you have to do is tune each week and our host Keturah Harper will do the rest. If you’re all about “Minding your black-owned business” this show is just for you. Don’t miss out!

Brought to you by Keturah Harper of Once-You-Buy-Black

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6: Dell Glover Catering and Events

    OnceYouBuyBlack takes us behind the scenese of another growing prominent black-owned business this time with Bronx-owned Dell Glover Catering and Events. ...


  2. Episode 5: Michelle Divine Boutique

    Michelle Divine Boutique is an emerging luxury clothing brand! Telling two-fold fashion stories with every garment and accessory! In this raw interview, the designer of Michelle Divine Boutique tells of her first encounters with fashion, her muses, how to pivot as a fashion designer, and her favorites pieces. ...


  3. Episode 3: Fancy Kats!

    How often do you get the chance to speak to your wax specialist? FancyKats answers common questions about waxing services, the highs and lows of being a booked and busy Wax Specialist, Woman, and Local Black Business Owner in a fun, real and raw conversation! ...


  4. Episode 4: Hooked on Kim

    Kim Crochets everything! An easy hobby turned into a fun money maker. In this episode, Kimberly Goodley discusses why seeking validation will count you out as a business owner.  ...


  5. Episode 2: Cloth by Champ

    Urban Apparel Christian Brand designer for Clothxchamp discusses creating while incarcerated, raw ambition, his faith, and his stern word of advice for Business owners! ...